"My decision to write Love Thy Fro was a very random one stemming from my realisation that, if I were to become a mother to a daughter anytime soon, I would have a really hard time teaching her to be comfortable in her own skin due to the images of beauty that society constantly throws at us. I wanted my future daughters to know and appreciate their unique beauty, so I chose to create something that I felt would help show them this.

As well as being a message to every single little girl out there that feels she's different or doesn't meet the media's definition of beauty, I wrote this book as a message to my younger self. To let her know that it's okay to have hair that's not quite as silky straight as the next little girl, and that this hair is a blessing rather than a burden.

I hope that your daughters, nieces, little cousins and sisters can see themselves in Kemi as they learn to love their fros!"

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